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They shot the piano player
Fernando Trueba PC, Gao Shan

THEY SHOT THE PIANO PLAYER, an animated musical from the Oscar nominated team of “Chico & Rita”

The newest feature film by the Oscar winner Fernando Trueba and the great designer Javier Mariscal was successfully presented at different international Film Festival and finally released in October 2023.

The film is an animated thriller set in the golden age of jazz and bossa nova, exploring the disappearance of the Brazilian pianist Tenorio Jr.

It was a real pleasure working on a significant portion of the storyboard and witnessing Mariscal’s masterful interpretation.

Director: Javier Mariscal, Fernando Trueba
Screenplay: Fernando Trueba
Production Companies: Fernando Trueba PC, Gao Shan Pictures, Les Films D’ici, Prima Linea, Submarine Animanostra, Tondero Producciones
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