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Love, Death + Robots
Tim Miller/David Fincher

SUITS: Episode 4 / Love, Death + Robots

The saga that made history in the world of adult animation

The director and renowned animator Carlos Baena invited us to be part of this project, which we enjoyed very much. With Netflix and the Blur studio behind, it was clear that the result would be spectacular.

The short film Suits is one of the longest in the series, 16 minutes of action at a dizzying pace, in which a community of farmers defends their families from an alien invasion using robotic suits.

In this project we made around 8 minutes of final animation, although along the way many sequences were discarded, and we were left without seeing Mel blowing up an alien’s head with his Magnum 44.

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Director: Franck Balson/ Carlos Baena

Screenplay: Steven Lewis/Philip Gelatt

Producers: Tim Miller/David Fincher

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