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Memorias de un hombre en pijama
Prod: MoonBytes, Hampa Studio

MEMORIAS DE UN HOMBRE EN PIJAMA / The Animated Misadventures of the comic artist Paco Roca

Through our good friends at Hampa Studio, this fun film came our way, in which we took on the entirety of the storyboard. A romantic comedy for adults, based on the comics of the great Valencian illustrator Paco Roca.

As a curiosity, the beginning and the end of the film was shot with real actors.

Paco Roca’s alter ego was Raúl Arévalo, and María Castro represented his girlfriend, Jilguero.


Director: Carlos FerFer

Screenplay: Paco Roca, Diana López, Ángel de la Cruz

Production: MoonBytes, Hampa Studio


Raúl Arévalo y María Castro.

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